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Hello everyone at this young blog dedicated to the topic of photography

The purpose of creating this blog is not to write professional texts that will teach you to make high-quality photos, or to make a profit from advertising (though it is here and present). Everything is much simpler – this is my peculiar day-to-day, which should become an additional stimulus for the continued development of me as a top-notch photographer ;).

So, my name is Taras and at the moment I’m practically a full profane in photography. Although I have taken on several top-of-the-line photo studios, it does not bring tangible profit (at the moment even in the future). But I hope that with the launch of this blog everything will start to change for the better.

And now more about what I’m still planning to write here. On the pages of this blog, I will periodically introduce you to the teaching materials that I will personally learn. This will allow you to study in parallel with me, which is much more interesting than an independent online photo tutorial. In addition, in the future I will launch a separate section devoted to the processing of already captured photographs. And of course, I will outline everything that concerns photo banks (both general news and those that relate to me personally). I hope that besides the above mentioned will be other topics related to photography, but it’s all in the future. And at the moment I suggest you subscribe to this blog of a beginner photographer and let’s study together!

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