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Moving the site to WordPress

If you already have a site developed on one of the builders (Wix, WebFlow, Tilda, etc.), but you have encountered certain limitations that exist on these platforms, or you are simply looking for more control over your site - transfer its on WordPress will be the best solution.

How do I migrate an existing site to WordPress?


I am familiar with your site

The first stage of transferring any site is familiarization with its functionality. It is at this stage that I choose a stack of technologies and plugins that will be necessary to develop a similar site on WordPress.


I am installing WordPress on hosting

I install WordPress and all necessary functional plugins. Also, I am installing the Elementor plugin, which I will use in the future to develop pages with the design you already have on your site.


I develop and adjust the existing design and functionality

Розробляю максимально схожі по дизайну сторінки та налаштовую усі контактні форми, анімації, ефекти…


I am transferring information

I completely transfer all data, pages, records to the site, preserving the structure and meta-data, so as not to harm the already existing SEO on the site.

Frequently asked questions

By transferring your site to WordPress, I mean developing a site that is as similar in design and identical in structure and content as possible using the WordPress cms and the Elementor plugin.

Everything is individual and depends on the complexity of the site being transferred. Specific terms are always discussed before starting work on the project.

Approximate development terms:

  • Landing Page – 1-2 days.
  • Business card site - 2-5 days
  • Corporate site - 5-10 days

* The specified terms are indicative and do not guarantee that work on your site will meet them.

To carry out site migration work (including data), access to the control panel of the existing site is required.

No, it won't be a 100% perfect copy. There may be small differences (for example: sizes or saturation of fonts, intervals between blocks, used icons, etc.), but the overall style of the pages will be preserved as much as possible.