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Turnkey site development

Website development for your company: Landing page, business card, corporate website, online store or individual project.
I approach any order "with my heart" and fulfill it within the approved time frame.

Turnkey landing page

The cheapest and most convenient format, in which all information about the company and its services is exclusively on one page.

Turnkey business card site

Contains up to 5 information pages about the company, which provide full information about all the services it provides and how to contact it.

Turnkey corporate site

An extended version of a business card that contains up to 15 pages. It is suitable for companies that provide a wide range of services and need a more extensive presentation of them.

Turnkey online store

A personal trading platform for conducting business activities that allows you to conveniently receive and process orders from customers.

The cost of turnkey website development

Each of your projects is individual and for its assessment you need to know all the planned aspects: technical, functional and content. For this, a technical task (TOR) is being developed, which describes all the information about the future site.

If you have an idea or need to create a website, but do not have a technical task - write to me and we will discuss all the details of your project, determine the necessary time for their implementation and calculate the total cost of the project.

Frequently asked questions

Turnkey site development is a set of measures aimed at creating a website that, at the time of handing over to the customer, does not require revisions and is fully ready for launch. In other words, this means that the customer receives a completely ready-to-use site that can be maintained independently (change or add information).

Everything is individual and depends on the complexity of the site being developed. Specific terms are always discussed before starting work on the project.

Approximate development terms:

  • Landing Page - from 1 to 5 days.
  • Business card site - from 3 to 7 days.
  • Corporate site - from 7 to 14 days.
  • Online store - from 20 days.

* The specified terms are indicative and do not guarantee that work on your site will meet them.

  • Convenient site management system (WordPress cms)
  • Beautiful and high-quality design
  • Adaptation for mobile devices
  • Initial SEO optimization for your customers' search queries
  • The site's structure is logical and user-friendly
  • Filling with unique content (using photos and videos provided by the customer)